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Accent Marilena 1,373 3
by DeLana
Trilingual with only 1 parent? Helen San 1,229 2
by Helen San
OPOL and Homeschooling Jenn 1,156 3
by Steph
How can I motivate them? germangirl 1,339 4
by Daniela
Penta Lingual Anyone? Srinivas 1,475 0
by Srinivas
My son refuses to say certain words in Spanish Susie 1,816 5
by Susie
One language to one child, other language to another child. Same parent. Carl 1,258 2
by Carl
Trilingual with a special family pamela 1,208 3
by AC
How to introduce a 3rd language to a 4.5 year old Katy 1,331 2
by tota
It is too late to start? Sam 1,116 1
by AC
Need help in sticking to teaching languages Sabby 1,324 2
by Rocio
triligual mixing - a new approahc ali 2,195 3
by Rocio
Is it possible for my daughter to be bilingual? Jessica 1,232 2
by Jessica
4 y and still not speaking as she should - HELP and advice Amin Alavi 2,135 6
by marie
Is this normal for a 3 year old bilingual child? Marie 1,620 2
by marie
bilingual books Paha 1,213 2
by Carmen Aucone
bilingual 3yr old teacher worried about speech sara 997 1
by AC
3ry old bilingual child screening sara issa 1,329 1
by AC
Is it too late to start 3rd language? Laura 1,068 1
by Newber
My 2yr 5 month old daugher Katt 1,139 2
by Siya
Mystery Pickup of 3rd Language - HELP! Miami 1,412 3
by Siya
Teaching siblings different 3rd languages? Karin 1,099 1
by Siya
My bilingual raised daughter only speaks Spanish Rosa 1,272 3
by Siya
Introducing second language to 6 y.o Michael 1,132 2
by Siya
A 4th language in a 19 months old baby Patricia 1,412 1
by Yvonne
Non-native speaker needs help starting Spanish playgroup in U.S. Carrie Anderson 998 0
by Carrie Anderson
Help plz...can I speak two languages to my DD? Mahboubeh 1,210 1
by Siya
Music, Books and TV dezzie 1,132 1
by Siya
mandarin or hokkien (a chinese dialect)? anna 2,593 2
by Siya
Language selection for school carsten 1,218 1
by Siya
consistency of raising children bilingually Erika Proot 1,206 2
by Sanrine
wich flashcards do I use? Anita 1,098 0
by Anita
Help! Chris 1,242 3
by ReG=Eirini
Late talker Karl Peets 1,393 2
by ReG=Karl
Delayed speach veronika 1,255 2
by ReG=Elena
almost 4 yrs old and still very babyish speech Karen 1,613 2
by ReG=Flavia
What language should the parents speak to each other? Alastair 1,784 4
by ReG=Michele
Bilingualism Proficiency Chris 1,634 4
by ReG=PapiMemo
Am sooo worried and confused and feel inadequate Paola 1,253 1
by ReG=PapiMemo
nedd some advice about 19-month old daughter Eva 1,192 3
by ReG=PapiMemo
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