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Refusing to speak but understands... Magda 3,627 12
by Daira
How can mother do smart separartion between mL@H and outside language? Anna 1,228 1
by Erik K
Language delay at 12 month? Miguel 1,244 1
by Daira
How do you read to your less than a year old child? Miguel 1,262 4
by Miguel
Dad to speak spanish, mom to speak german in the USA?? Jeff Millaire 1,712 3
by jeff
Teaching Spanish to daughter as a non-native speaker! Christina 4,899 12
by Katie
How to start with a 3rd language? Nadia 1,796 5
by Kate
second language or relationship with grandfather? reuben moses 1,120 2
by Daira
Dutch and finnish in Finland Fien 1,160 1
by Erik K
How to include Portuguese on this melting pot? SandySkolny 1,206 4
by Albany Estrela Herrmann
Can i still teach my baby a 3rd language? Marina 1,131 1
by Daira
his doctor says no more spanish due to speech delay! elizabeth 1,332 4
by A Chica
bilingual child using both language to construct sentences Gillian Aquilina 1,200 4
by Gillian Aquilina
Understand 3 or speak 2? Kristina Nagy 1,123 1
by Erik K
by Caroline
books on teaching reading Christina 1,166 3
by Daira
OPOL but one parent uses both languages Heidi 1,523 6
by Heidi
Relying on husband and grandma Heather 1,066 2
by Daira
Kids embarrassed by language in public? Erik K 1,262 2
by Christina
Keep asking my son to call me Mommy? mominrio 1,154 2
by mominrio
Free foreign language broadcasts Erik K 1,133 0
by Erik K
pregnant and losing my sense of language Eva 1,194 2
by Erik K
which language? monster duddo 974 2
by Caroline
can't decide whether to introduce a 3rd language or not Meric 1,117 2
by Meric
Selling kids on benefits of language (includes list) Erik K 1,050 0
by Erik K
second language only for third child? tripket 1,030 1
by Caroline
online questionnaire - bilingual siblings Theresia 1,188 1
by Theresia
Is it too late for my 5 1/2 year old to become bilingual Beatrice 1,128 1
by Daniela
Trilingual children Claudia 1,422 2
by momtomany
Learning a language you spoke as a child Duncan 1,253 1
by momtomany
5 year old bilingual refuses to reply in minority language KJ 1,898 3
by Skippy Mardon
15 months introduction second language confusing? Eddie 1,476 1
by Daira
OPOL & English-speaking electronic toys Sheila 1,232 0
by Sheila
Don't know how to start teaching Oksana 1,181 3
by Joanna
Bilingual First Words? Mary 1,095 1
by Daira
Dad only speaks English - Problem? Ben Mooneapillay 1,300 2
by marieke
Dora in spanish and Kai Lan in mandarin? Trisha 1,276 1
by Daira
Multilingualism in Germany... Sevim 1,163 3
by Jim Petruska
Problem with minority language Francesca 1,213 1
by Daira
Trilingual 4yo son struggling with phonics Virginie 1,352 3
by A Chica
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